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Low Level Laser Hair Treatment Therapy

PK Walsh now offers the newest and most advanced European laser hair therapy. Low level laser light helps significantly reduce the general thinning of hair experienced with early stages of hair loss. Low-level laser light provides a painless, non-invasive process for increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to the scalp (Laser Light will repair existing hair while helping nurture new growth). As a result, you'll enjoy rejuvenated, rich hair and a new confidence that radiates.

Laser  hair rejuvenation HairMax laser brush combWho is the best candidate for Laser Light Hair Rejuvenation Therapy?

Women who are experiencing general thinning of hair density throughout their scalp, and women showing early stages of hair loss.

How does Laser Light Rejuvenation work?

It does NOT always grow hair, but does preserve hair. The laser uses light energy to set into motion a chain reaction of cellular events, increasing protein synthesis cell division, tissue rejuvenation and the microcirculation of blood supplies. The end result is your existing hair will grow stronger, thicker and faster than before.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! The amount of rays that the laser gives off is less than that of a microwave if you were to stand in front of it for more than one minute. The laser itself has no heat qualities and was designed specifically for advanced hair and scalp care.

What is the laser hair therapy like?

During a laser treatment, you will sit under a hood for 30 minutes (similar to a salon dryer) that transfers a carefully controlled amount of laser light through a special delivery system to the scalp.


Will it work for me?

Although laser treatment results vary, at a minimum, almost all clients achieve an increase in the thickness of their hair. Even thin baby hair can increase in thickness. In some cases, especially in the early stages of hair loss, it may be possible to stop hair loss altogether and even achieve some re-growth. Age is not a factor in the success of this rejuvenation therapy.

How long will it take to see results?

As early as 3-4 weeks you may notice you are not losing as much hair, you may see more body and that your hair holds the color and style better.

Laser hair therapy for women has also been shown to be especially effective when used in combination with a hair loss control program such as Transitions dhtSENSOR hair loss prevention and control program.

The benefits of Laser Light Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

  • 85% of clients found that the laser light stopped the progression of hair loss.
  • 54% of clients experienced an increase of blood supply to the scalp.
  • Repairs and improves hair shaft quality resulting in a 25% increase in volume.
  • Laser light can increase hair diameter 40%-50%
  • Hair will generally start to thicken within two weeks.
  • Enables vellus (baby fine) hairs to develop into stronger, fuller and healthier looking hair.

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